Kids, for you at Brasilia\\\\ there's the Miniclub!


The Land of Vacation is at Park Hotel Brasilia

The Land of Vacation, it’s not far at all
If you check on your calendar, that’s where it falls
Between June and September, the best season of all
After the exams, and the report card
Every day it’s Sunday, yet we work hard
Between games, dives and walks there is no rest at all.
Gianni Rodari, Il Paese delle Vacanze - The Land of Vacation


Fun, creativity, fantasy and imagination are the key words of our amazing Miniclub, strictly reserved to kids aged 3 to 10`who can play, learn and have fun while experiencing an unforgettable beach vacation, under the supervision of our dedicated and experienced child minders.

We welcome little ones with open arms, offering all sorts of little surprises to ensure you have a carefree vacation. You can rest assure that your children will have the time of their lives, running around, playing and engaging in new activities in an environment specifically tailored to their needs.

Every week a thick and exciting calendar filled with recreational and entertaining activities will keep your little ones busy: outdoors or in our spacious indoor salon, our professional personnel of Park Hotel Brasilia will keep them engaged in sports and water activities, group play and baby dance, as well as theatre workshops, painting, DIY to stimulate their creativity and learn through play.

Meanwhile, parents can enjoy candle lit dinners with stunning view of the beach and a relaxing grown up time knowing that their kids are kept blissfully happy by our team of caring staff of the Mini Club.

Here are the opening hours of the Miniclub 2018:

From June 1st to September 8th every day from Monday to Saturday from 11.00am to 6.00pm.

In addition to the Miniclub, another fantastic surprise awaits the children on vacation at Park Hotel Brasilia, and it’s sure to make their summer special: Bu’s World cooking workshops!

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