Il nuovo acquario tematico di Jesolo

per scoprire il magico mondo marino


Sea Life


Sealife theme aquarium

There’s a new fantastic attraction in town: Sealife, a theme aquarium, is your window to the magical marine world.

With 30 display tanks and more than 5,000 specimen of over 100 aquatic species from around the world, the aquarium is a one-of-a-kind journey from mountain creeks , through the Adriatic shore, to oceans and tropical sea, a fascinating and educational “plunge” into a spectacular aquatic landscape.

Prepare for an astonishing closeup rendez-vous with graceful rays and fascinating sharks as you walk along the 8mt. long underwater tunnel,  as if suspended in a bubble at the bottom of the sea......

Fun is the word for the little ones who can get acquainted to some wonderful sea creatures in the interactive rockpool- and literally touch them with their hands!. Under the supervision of the expert staff, available to answer any question, kids can safely experience their first unforgettable encounter with the amazing underwater world.

What are you waiting for? Plunge in the fun!