Una passione per l'ospitalità

che dura da più di cinquant'anni


Our Story


40 years of a family success

An unfaltering commitment and an extraordinary passion for hospitality are the key ingredients behind 40 years of a family success. Since 1965 the Park Hotel Brasilia has been owned and managed by the Boccato family, whose unfailing efforts have accomplished what is now a relaxing oasis for a luxurious seafront vacation.

The Hotel Brasilia belongs in fact to the touristic history of Jesolo that followed World War II, when Angelo Boccato, driven by a passion developed while managing hotels with his wife jolanda, decided to build a family owned hotel on the seafront.'

It was the time of the rapidly growing hotel industry, of the first villas, residences and hotels, of the first bathhouses in Piazza Milano, but also of the unpaved streets, of the wild and primitive pinewood, reachable only across dunes of sand.

Eager to put themselves to the test, in 1965 Angelo and Jolanda laid the first stone of what would later become an established and exemplary hotel. Works began in January and in record time, in June of the same year, the newly built property was officially opened: there was the new Hotel Brasilia, seafront, 5 stories, with a panoramic restaurant overlooking the beach, just in time for the first exciting summer season.

Since then, the hotel has gone through several phases: rebuilding, to fix the damage caused by the heavy flood in November the same year; but above all, enlargement, in order to make room for the ever growing number of guests who year after year would choose the hotel Brasilia to spend their summer vacations. In 1976 came the 2 outdoor pools; in the mid '80s the hotel was raised by one floor, the beautiful shady garden was created for the exclusive use of the hotel guests, and the "hotel Brasilia" was renamed "Park Hotel Brasilia; in 19999 came the 18 suites and the Meeting Rooms.

Throughout the renovations the Boccato family kept the doors of the Hotel open, so that year after year the hotel became one of the best known properties on the coast, famous for its stunning views of the Adriatic sea, the elegance of its décor, the attention to details and the professional and discreet attitude of both owners and staff. Season after season, the hotel has combined exceptional hospitality with the finest cuisine, where Italian and foreign guests can experience first-hand the commitment and passion for hotellerie of this internationally awarded establishment.